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In its warehouse refurbishment projects, Kardex Mlog adopts a structural approach, active refurbishment management, and tailored concepts which are worked out together with the client.


At the beginning of every retrofit, Kardex Mlog carries out a detailed analysis of the actual requirements. After all, the plant capability of the logistics plant must meet your exact needs. Based on this analysis and benchmarking, we collaborate with you to develop a tailor-made roadmap for the refurbishment. The success of facility refurbishment depends primarily on the timing and scope of the refurbishment measures.


Our long-term refurbishment concepts take account not only of the status quo, but also of future refurbishment intervals for mechanics and electronics. It is important to continuously monitor technological progress and the development of the company and to constantly adapt the capability of components and controls. This ensures that your high-bay warehouse will remain powerful and competitive over many years.

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