Flaky performance brought back into shape - Refurbishment at Kellogg’s in Bremen

The most famous cornflakes in the world began life as a health food for prominent guests in Dr. Kellogg’s sanatorium. 130 years ago the doctors put their trust in gentle health promotion rather than exhausting radical treatments. This sensible concept can also be applied to the field of plant engineering.

To make a warehouse efficient again, a policy of small steps often proves to be the most sensible strategy, especially if it involves the gradual refurbishment of individual storage and retrieval machines during ongoing operations. Since the end of the 1980’s, Kellogg’s has operated a production and distribution centre in Bremen which includes a high-bay warehouse. The finished product produced on site reach the warehouse via a bridge. Some of the products come from European plants and are delivered by truck in considerable quantities: In Bremen alone roughly 1 million packages of cereals are produced per day. Lined up next to one another the packing materials from each year’s production would reach twice around the world.

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