Warehouse automation in the beverage industry

Logistics and beverages - an ongoing and highly-topical issue. The beverage industry has always placed great demands on material flow. High throughput rates and seasonal peaks, heavy and, at the same time, fragile loads - for example, with glass containers - and in some cases, strict regulations with regard to hygiene and temperature: a high level of complexity that is increased further by trends and developments in the trade. In a competitive situation, a company‘s logistics competence is critical. Those who opt for automation can gain a competitive edge as can be seen with the example of Hassia Mineralquellen in Bad Vilbel near Frankfurt in Germany.

Warehouse capacity has been increased by 30 per cent, goods issue has been doubled, personnel costs in the warehouse are down by 50 per cent: the results so far after two years working with the new automatic high-bay warehouse at Hassia Mineralquellen GmbH & Co. KG are extremely positive. The ultra-modern facility was commissioned at the company‘s Bad Vilbel site in 2012 and a large portion of the costs has already been recovered.

The company invested approximately ten million euros in the fully automatic facility and carried out intensive preparatory work. The plant was erected on a 4,500 m² site and, with 22,000 pallet spaces, it increased the total warehouse capacity to over 60,000 pallets - sufficient for almost ten million litres of mineral water, Hassia‘s core product.

At the heart of the plant are the seven fully automatic storage and retrieval machines which operate in the narrow aisles. Each machine is equipped with electronic components and sensors which enable precise positioning in front of the shelves and throughput of up to 200 pallets per hour and per machine - all this with shelf sizes of approx. 80 metres in length and 20 metres in height.

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