Refurbishment optimises scheduling - Automotive supplier enhances performance

The manufacturer’s production facilities set the pace in the automotive sector. Suppliers must always keep in pace so that production is not disrupted. On behalf of the IAC Group, a supplier to almost all major automotive manufacturers, Kardex Mlog retrofitted a storage and retrieval machine to increase its efficiency and to adapt the performance of the entire plant to the increasing demands of the OEM.

IAC produces floor carpets in Bad Friedrichshall that are supplied to a renowned premium manufacturer in nearby Neckarsulm. Delivery is timed precisely in accordance with the just-in-sequence principle, so there is no intermediate storage on the customer’s premises. As soon as they are delivered the parts are channelled into the production process for assembly. This places high demands on the supplier’s delivery capabilities, which depend crucially on the availability and flexibility of the warehouse.

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