Refurbishment accompanies new building - Putting the old and the new on the same footing

Constructed almost a decade ago, the Brillux goods distribution centre (GDC) has grown steadily through a number of extensions – most recently under the direction of long-standing partner Kardex Mlog. To equip the entire business with a uniform performance level and to ensure smooth operation, the existing plant had to remain technically “in step” with the new buildings. Therefore, Brillux also used the extension as the basis for a fundamental refurbishment of the existing plant. The focus here was on the replacement of outdated and discontinued components and the conversion of the PLC’s to the S7 standard.

It was particularly important that the refurbishment took place without affecting production and despatch. For a direct supplier and full-range distributor such as Brillux, short reaction times, fast and highly reliable deliveries are of vital importance. Ultimately, time is money and material shortages at the construction site are an expensive but avoidable annoyance. Brillux has the industry’s highest density logistics operation in Germany with more than 700 of its own vehicles delivering more than 12,000 items to cater for all the requirements of the painting, varnishing and plastering trades. These are held in stock at the head office or in more than 140 branches.

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