Precision timing for modernisation - Phased modernisation of the Renk high-bay warehouse

The specialists from Kardex Mlog needed less than two weeks for the principal stages in the modification of RENK AG‘s high-bay warehouse in Hannover. Over Christmas and at the turn of the year 2007/08 two storage and retrieval machines were introduced and a completely new control system was installed.

The extension of the materials handling equipment and its connection to the existing warehouse management system then took place in the first weekend of the year. The associated conveyor control system had already been updated before the actual modification took place. The MAN subsidiary RENK AG was founded more than 130 years ago in Augsburg as a mechanical workshop for the production of gear wheels. RENK is now a world-renowned manufacturer of high-quality special gears, power transmission components and test systems. Its Hannover plant is derived from the Wülfel ironworks, whose drive components division was purchased in 1975 by RENK AG, and it is the world market leader in the field of slide bearings for electrical machinery.

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