Peak performance in the Swiss Alps - Extension of the Würth logistics center in Landquart

Working on behalf of Würth International AG, Kardex Mlog, Neuenstadt, has extended the Swiss logistics centre in Landquart. With two additional aisles, the high-bay warehouse there now offers more than 23,000 pallet slots and is therefore the largest of its type in the canton of Graubünden.

High up in the Swiss Alps, Würth International AG in Landquart operates its central warehouse, Lagerhaus Landquart AG. The modest-sounding name might mislead you in a typical Swiss understatement about the true dimensions of the installation, as the data after the extension reveal. Alongside the high-bay warehouse there is another automated small parts warehouse, which has almost 7,500 slots, 1,200 more than before the conversion. The area allocated to goods inwards and dispatch has been doubled and now measures 4,400 m2.

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