Nothing is impossible – all-round modernisation at Toyota - Refurbishment by Kardex Mlog at the Cologne site

Since the 1970’s, Toyota has been represented by its own subsidiary in Germany. The second largest automotive manufacturer in the world operates a high-bay warehouse at its Cologne site which has been running almost without modification since its installation in 1988. The warehouse, although state-of-the-art at the time of its conception, was beginning to show signs of age, it was becoming increasingly difficult to obtain spare parts, and age-related malfunctions were building up. Hence it was decided that a radical modernisation of the entire facility should be carried out by Kardex Mlog, Neuenstadt.

The high-bay warehouse, installed some twenty years ago by Mehne GmbH, has a capacity of 7,500 to 11,000 storage locations across three aisles depending on pallet type. Whilst this is still adequate for the client’s current requirements, the potential to optimise the availability and efficiency of the facility provided sufficient justification for refurbishment.

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