Driverless shuttle between production and new high-bay warehouse

For Heideblume Molkerei AG and Elsdorfer Feinkost AG, Kardex Mlog has set up a joint logistics centre with various temperature zones for the different products. The link to production is managed fully automatically using a driverless truck shuttle which is controlled by the material flow computer and is integrated seamlessly into the materials handling technology.

Over 200 million kilos of milk from the North German lowlands are processed annually in the Elsdorf plant and delivered in the form of quark cheese, cream, and ice-cream, etc. If we include delicatessen products such as salad mixes and dressings, between 500 and 1.000 palettes leave the plant daily. A common factor among all products is the high standard of quality and freshness which is reflected in the company‘s mission statement.

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