Buffer stock for the peak season - Twin warehouses at Eisbär Eis

On those hot days of summer sales of ice cream soar. Meticulously planned logistics are essential in order to supply the cold delicacies in cones, wafers or on a stick fresh and tasty at any time. Ultimately, the products that are so hotly desired in the warmer months are produced during the winter. The manufacturer Eisbär Eis has therefore doubled its deepfreeze storage area to 14,000 pallet locations.

Germans consume about seven litres of commercially produced ice cream on average per year – a national total of almost 500 million litres. A classic seasonal business: most of the ice cream is sold in the summer and only about one fifth of it in winter. Manufacturers therefore generally produce it in advance and need the appropriate storage capacity. Thus, in Apensen in Lower Saxony just outside the gates of Hamburg, Eisbär Eis GmbH has already made good provision for the forthcoming season.

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