Borderless inventory management - Construction of the new European goods distribution centre for Brüggen

Whenever cornflakes, muesli or other cereals appear on the breakfast table in Western or Southern Europe, there is a high probability that they have originated from a picturesque location in the Auvergne.

In collaboration with Kardex Mlog, the German manufacturer Brüggen constructed a central goods distribution facility for the European region at Thiers in central France, which went into operation in the middle of 2008. By previously constructing a 6-aisle high-bay warehouse in Lübeck, Germany, at the head office of the long-established high-quality cereal producers, Kardex Mlog had demonstrated their experience as specialists in the handling and storage of foodstuffs. Since many of the 800-or-so projects undertaken by the Neuenstadt based logistics experts have been for businesses in the food sector, Brüggen once again selected Kardex Mlog to undertake the planning, construction and commissioning of the warehouse at its new French plant.

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