35,000 catering products under one roof - A second high-bay warehouse for the Erwin Müller Group

The Erwin Müller Group holds tens of thousands of items permanently in stock for the hotel and catering industry, ranging from tea towels to designer plates. The company is represented in eight European countries and is the market leader in seven of them. The company’s success meant that the former textile supplier’s Wertinger distribution centre was bursting at the seams, with over 20,000 pallets held in various external stores.

Quality and service are key issues in the hotel and restaurant industry, along with hard work and the ability to identify trends. This applies not only to hoteliers, but also to the companies that work behind the scenes to make sure that guests feel welcome. For the Erwin Müller Group this means that most of the range which is tailored to the specific needs of the hotel and restaurant trade must be held in stock at all times.

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