Three-aisle storage for generic drugs: doubling production - New high-bay warehouse for TEVA Pharmaceuticals

Neuenstadt/Debrecen – The low-cost pharmaceutical drug market is booming. Each year there is an increasing demand for generic drugs, which are cheaper than brand-name drugs but...[more]

TEVA Pharmaceuticals / Debrecen, Hungary

Zero-Error Strategy in Pharmaceutical Logistics - Automatic high-bay warehouse from Kardex Mlog combines safety and efficiency

Serbia's most modern high-bay warehouse is located in Belgrade. Operated by the Swiss generic drug manufacturer, PharmaSwiss, the facility was planned and constructed by Kardex...[more]

Supply bridge in Medical Valley - Highly dynamic conveyor system conquers height differences

The medical technology manufacturer Gambro is expanding its Hechingen plant with a further production area on three levels. The entire conveyor system in the new plant is being...[more]

New driving force for chemical production - Refurbishment at Evonik Goldschmidt

Kardex Mlog has restored to full fitness the automated high-bay warehouse at the Essen facility of chemical company Evonik Goldschmidt. The main focus was on the facility’s...[more]

Consolidation through growth - Efficient production and logistics

Fresenius Kabi, Europe’s leading supplier of infusion therapy and clinical nutrition products, has extended its plant, based in the Hessian town of Friedberg, into an...[more]

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