Buffer stock for the peak season - Twin warehouses at Eisbär Eis

On those hot days of summer sales of ice cream soar. Meticulously planned logistics are essential in order to supply the cold delicacies in cones, wafers or on a stick fresh and...[more]


Wagner Tiefkühlprodukte GmbH

Kardex Mlog has demonstrated its expertise in the construction of chilled and frozen warehouses on numerous projects.


Raising the bar for freshness - Modern technology for chocolate distribution

Chocolate production is a specialist business. Harsh facts make all the difference to the smooth confectionery, the most important ingredients of all being speed and security of...[more]


Flaky performance brought back into shape - Refurbishment at Kellogg’s in Bremen

The most famous cornflakes in the world began life as a health food for prominent guests in Dr. Kellogg’s sanatorium. 130 years ago the doctors put their trust in gentle health...[more]


Borderless inventory management - Construction of the new European goods distribution centre for Brüggen

Whenever cornflakes, muesli or other cereals appear on the breakfast table in Western or Southern Europe, there is a high probability that they have originated from a picturesque...[more]

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