MTower – Pallet Picking Store

Automated System featuring Integral Transfer Beam


The short but high lifting beam warehouse MTower is both fast and efficient: With its dynamic design, a complete system increases throughput by up to 20% compared with solutions based on conventional storage and retrieval machine concepts.


The principle is based on a shuttle car mounted on a vertically guided lifting beam. The construction design is extremely flexible and can also be used under challenging conditions, for example, clean room storage facilities.


The load pick-up can be designed either for single or double-deep storage by means of a telescopic fork. The load capacity can be defined individually and the storage system can perform up to 50 double cycles per hour.


MTower is equipped as standard with storage and retrieval machine, function-oriented conveyor modules, racking structure, and control and warehouse manage- ment system. It is particularly suitable for smaller spaces and capacities of up to 500 pallet storage spaces and was specially developed for geometries of up to 25 metres in height and 12 metres in width. This makes MTower an economical option for short but high warehouses without compromising on stability, performance and speed. MTower is suitable for all popular host systems and soft- ware standards and is equipped with the latest interfaces. This means that they can be integrated without any problem in virtually any IT environment.

MTower - Lifting-beam & Retrieval line
MTower - Lifting-beam

MTower – Pallet Picking Store

MTower – Pallet Picking Store

Your advantage


  • Automatic storage tower
  • Warehouse management
  • software
  • Ready to use
  • Easy to integrate
  • High storage capacity
    with small floor space

Technical data


Overall height: up to 25 m
Width: up to 12 m

Singel-deep 4,5 m

Double-deep 8 m
Payload: max. 1000 kg


  • Automatic pallet storage
  • Individual access to each pallet
  • Automatic storage and retrieval
  • Complete module (Plug & Play)
    available in different heights

MTower consists of

  • 1 automatic lifting beam device
  • 1 storage conveyor
  • 1 retrieval conveyor
  • Racking
  • Control technology (Siemens S7)
  • Warehouse management software
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Training



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