Sorting buffer for goods issue



The solution for future-oriented, efficient and error-free goods issue.

To sustainably lower the costs in goods issue and to increase delivery flexibility and quality, Kardex Mlog has developed the dynamic sorting buffer MSequence. This ensures automatic, error-free and dynamic just-in-time order staging at the loading bay with computer-controlled loading of the trucks.




Cost drivers and efficiency reducers at goods issue


  • High space requirement
  • Loading errors
  • Sorting errors relating to unloading points
  • Long truck waiting times
  • Personnel-intensive high complaint costs (returns, credit memos)

Your advantage

  • Automatic staging of the loading orders
  • High staging capacity in a small area
  • Secure and error-free goods issue
  • Reduction of waiting times
  • 100% transparency of the loading process
  • Automatic sorting by unloading point
  • Reduction of personnel costs
  • Reduction of equipment costs





Pallet infeed with forklift truck
or automatic linking to existing
high-bay warehouse.


  • Fast & optimised loading time
    Every 30 minutes - loading one truck correctly!
  • Completely error-free loading
    Serves up to three loading bays simultaneously!
  • MSequence Variant Speed
    Sorting buffer with double-deep storage!
  • MSequence Variant Volume
    Sorting buffer with quadruple-deep storage!




Automatic staging of the orders in the correct sequence at the correct gate.


MSequence consists of

  • 1 automatic storage and retrieval machine
  • 1 stage conveying system for each loading bay
  • Control technology (Siemens S7)
  • Racking
  • Security package
  • Warehouse management software
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Training

1. MSequence

Variant Speed

MSequence - Variant Speed

Technical data 

    Pallet load:

    1,000 kg
    Storage spaces:
    Storage dimensions of body(WxDxH):
    17 m x 8 m x 10 m
    Retrieval cycles:
    up to 106 / hour
    Double cycles:
    up to 64 / hour



    • Sorting buffer with double-deep storage
    • Designed for maximum storage and retrieval capacity and space for 5.5 truckloads
    • Storage of the pallets in longitudinal direction on driven roller conveyors with contour check
    • Gate-based retrieval of the pallets on gravity conveyors with sequential computer-controlled assignment
    • Adaptations possible to suit existing structural conditions
    MSequence - Variant Speed top view

    2. MSequence

    Variant Volume

    MSequence - Variant Volume

    Technical data

    Overall height: up to 12 m
    Width: up to 50 m
    Depth: up to 8 m
    Payload: max. 1000 kg


    • Sorting buffer with quadruple-deep storage 
    • Designed for maximum buffer capacity for more than 8 truckloads
    • Storage of the pallets in transverse direction on driven chain conveyors with contour check
    • Gate-based retrieval of the pallets on driven chain conveyors with sequential computer-controlled assignment 
    • Adaptations possible to suit existing structural conditions


    MSequence - Variant Volume with Floor
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    Buffer storage for production

    Efficient goods staging with fully automated buffer storage systems


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