When fast is not enough!

With MMove, fast and safe around your warehouse.

With MMove, fast and safe around your warehouse.
The innovative MMove is the new universal transport platform for pallets and cages, etc. up to a weight of 1,200 kg. Thanks to its unique concept, the MMove can be used in a variety of applications:


  • With storage and retrieval machines for storage at multiple depths
  • With distribution vehicles for distribution and intermediate storage
  • As a single transport system from A to B
  • Multiple MMove in a single aisle
  • The MMove can independently switch from one aisle to another


The energy supply is provided by powerful energy storage devices (Powercaps)1 which enable 350 metre trips when fully loaded. The braking process is used intelligently for energy feedback. Via innovative and secure communication modules, the MMove communicates with its environment and provides information on current orders and statuses.

The MMove transports your products quickly and safely. It grows to match your tasks - within the automatic warehouse or beyond. 1 Powercaps with 8 times the normal battery life.

MMove transport

Area of application


  • Automatic movement of pallets, cage boxes, etc. inside and outside a warehouse




  • The MMove is compatible with all Kardex Mlog storage and retrieval machines


Efficient modules


  • Automatic energy-saving mode

  • ZigBee data communication

    • outside the WLAN network

    • no disruption to IT

  • Binary interface

  • Ethernet interface

MMove - Efficient modules
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