MSpacer - The space wizard

The new dimension in two-deep storage.

MSpacer - Create space in your warehouse

Create space in your warehouse.

Approx. 10% space savings in your high-bay warehouse.
The new MSpacer technology reduces the space requirement by approx. 10% compared to a conventional high-bay warehouse with double-deep storage. This is now possible with a new innovative telescopic fork which has been developed jointly with leading German research institutes. With MSpacer, you can store the pallets in the back row on the same level as those in the front row. This means that the additional blocks normally required at the back are no longer necessary. This reduces your costs and ensures more efficient use of your storage space.


  • Cost savings through storage volume reduction
    • roof, wall, floor panel
    • steel racking
    • energy costs


  • Performance increase through shorter distances
  • More storage spaces with the same warehouse volume



Reducing Unused Storage Space

Your advantage

Low costs, Greater performance and Better use of space

Technical data for Kardex Mlog MSpacer


  • Load per fork: 1st position: 1,000 kg, 2nd: position 800kg

  • Telescope speed: single-deep without load: 50 m/min, with load: 40 m/min

  • Acceleration/braking: 0.8 m/s²

  • Telescope speed: double-deep without load: 80 m/min, with load: 50 m/min

  • Acceleration/braking: 1.6 m/s² / 0.8 m/s²





The MSpacer is compatible with all Kardex Mlog storage and retrieval machines.

MSpacer - Compatible
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