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Tire production: Intralogistics as the key to greater efficiency

In the industrial production of vehicle tires, many processes with different speed rates interact, and these different speeds must be balanced by efficient intralogistics. A...[more]

Storage of tires

Reserve stock, no risk: Automatic buffer storage compared

In industrial settings, buffer storage ensures secure and reliable production processes. It can smooth out the different speeds of consecutive work steps and cushion short-term...[more]

 Automated buffer storage

Information about the coronavirus

During this extraordinary time, we hope that our employees and customers/partners as well as their relatives and colleagues are well. There is no doubt that this situation is...[more]


Join Our Digital Experience

LogiMAT 2020 has been cancelled. Nevertheless we do not want to keep our solutions and services from you.

Smart Intralogistics Solutions of Kardex Mlog

Kardex decides against participation at LogiMAT 2020

The current worldwide problem of the coronavirus and its speed of spreading confront us as exhibitors with a situation of unforeseeable consequences and limitations.
The Kardex...[more]


8th annual Kardex Mlog Fund-Raising Campaign

When the Christmas season sweeps us up once again with its special mood and feeling, we should not forget those who are in need of our help. That is why in our eighth annual...[more]

8th Fund-Raising Campaign
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