Tire production: Intralogistics as the key to greater efficiency

Storage of tires

In the industrial production of vehicle tires, many processes with different speed rates interact, and these different speeds must be balanced by efficient intralogistics. A further challenge is posed by decreasing batch sizes as a result of increasing individualisation of tire selection in the new car business. The rise in the number of variants is accompanied by an increase in the space required to store them. For this dilemma, special automated storage solutions have been developed, which can be integrated into existing production plants.

Whereas the actual manufacturing process between material procurement, tire construction, and vulcanisation has been developed to the full, there is still large potential for savings in the automation of intralogistics along the production line. Compared to manual processes, automation leads to guaranteed high process quality with a drop in personnel costs. Another advantage accrues through freed-up floor space, which can be used for additional production machinery, for example. Automated processes also ensure the highest levels of transparency and data security.


The solutions range from automatic racking systems for mixed pallets, customer-specific transport racks, racks for green tires, to silo-type goods issue storage. Selection of the components of the system generally depends on the required dynamics and also on the number and type of load units to be used.


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