Greenfield Installations

From Planing to Operation

Greenfield Installations From Planing to Operation

We offer all services required for the construction of a logistics facility from one source. We have experienced staff and an efficient infrastructure and produce your most important system components at our own production plant, fully optimised to suit your specific requirements.

Our services:

  • System design
  • Project planning
  • Realisation of automated high-bay warehouses
  • Production of storage and retrieval machines and materials handling equipment
  • Programming and implementation of materials handling controls
  • Integration of warehouse management systems
  • Assembly and commissioning


References - Greenfield Installations

Platform strategy for high-bay warehouses - Twin warehouses in South Africa and the USA

“Never change a winning team” - the old football proverb has many followers in the automotive sector. Long-term, intensive partnerships between suppliers and manufacturers are the...[more]


Three-aisle storage for generic drugs: doubling production - New high-bay warehouse for TEVA Pharmaceuticals

Neuenstadt/Debrecen – The low-cost pharmaceutical drug market is booming. Each year there is an increasing demand for generic drugs, which are cheaper than brand-name drugs but...[more]


Eight new aisles for Procter & Gamble - Expansion on the Marktheidenfeld site

With about 38,700 new storage-locations, Kardex Mlog, acting as general contractor, has more than doubled the storage area of Procter & Gamble’s Marktheidenfeld-Altfeld...[more]


Driverless shuttle between production and new high-bay warehouse

For Heideblume Molkerei AG and Elsdorfer Feinkost AG, Kardex Mlog has set up a joint logistics centre with various temperature zones for the different products. The link to...[more]


Buffer stock for the peak season - Twin warehouses at Eisbär Eis

On those hot days of summer sales of ice cream soar. Meticulously planned logistics are essential in order to supply the cold delicacies in cones, wafers or on a stick fresh and...[more]


Zero-Error Strategy in Pharmaceutical Logistics - Automatic high-bay warehouse from Kardex Mlog combines safety and efficiency

Serbia's most modern high-bay warehouse is located in Belgrade. Operated by the Swiss generic drug manufacturer, PharmaSwiss, the facility was planned and constructed by Kardex...[more]

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