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Industry solution:
Pharmaceutical industry

Solutions for pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceutical logistics: When automating your warehouse, experience pays


The storage of pharmaceutical products calls for the highest standards of hygiene and process safety while, at the same time, corporate planning focuses increasingly on logistics costs. In addition, customer expectations regarding delivery performance continue to grow. With the experience gained in multiple successfully completed projects, Kardex Mlog are the experts in dealing with the specific challenges of the pharma sector.


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Industry solution:
Tire industry

Solutions for the tire industry

Solutions for automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS) in tire production


Our intralogistics solutions for the tire industry range from ASRS for pallets with rubber compounds, customer-specific transport carts or green tires to rack-supported storage systems for finished goods. Important criteria for selection of the appropriate solution include the number and type of products to be stored as well as the dynamics of the system.


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Industry solution:
Furniture industry

Solutions for the furniture industry

Automatic picking and storage of panels


In the furniture industry the number of individual configuration options for end customers continues to increase. Kardex manages the resulting requirements by way of tailored intralogistics concepts, such as its surface-protecting picking solution with suction pads.


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Efficient goods staging with buffer storage systems

buffer storage systems

How to manage intermediate storage materials


The fully automated production buffer system from Kardex Mlog optimizes space by utilising the full height of a building and seamlessly integrating into the production premises without any requirements for structural changes. They achieve significant space gains for further production expansion.


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Greater efficiency through mobile racking storage systems

Kompaktlager MCompact

40 % less floor space required due to optimal utilisation of space


Just because space is at a premium doesn't mean you have to do without efficient pallet handling. The turnkey automatic universal warehouse MCompact requires 40 % less space than a conventional forklift-based warehouse. The compact mobile racking system makes optimal use of the available space and fits seamlessly into any logistics landscape


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Turnkey System Solutions

Standardised storage modules to fit your processes


MTower – Automated System featuring Integral Transfer Beam
Automated System featuring Integral Transfer Beam


Container Storage - MDynamic
Sorting buffer for goods issue


Kardex Mlog - MCompact
Automated System for Pallet Storage and Retrieval


Kardex Mlog - MDynamic
MDynamic System Solution

Storage and Retrieval Machines

Storage/Retrieval Machine for Pallets

storage/retrieval machine for pallets

Storage/Retrieval Machine for Miniload

storage/retrieval machine for miniload

Conveyor Systems

Continuous Conveyors

Kardex Mlog - Continuous Conveyors

Transfer Units

Kardex Mlog - Transfer Units

Vertical Conveyor

Kardex Mlog - Vertical Conveyor

Transfer Carriage

Kardex Mlog - Transfer Carriage

Control Devices

Kardex Mlog - Control Devices

Storage Technology


Customer Service

Life Cycle Service

Service Packages

Service Packages

Service Offerings

Kardex Mlog - Service Offerings

Service locations

Service locations
Case Studies

Optimised material flow at Fresenius Kabi

Extended conveyor technology connecting three floors

Refurbishment project for Continental: Successful collaboration enters its twentieth year

Continental commissioned Kardex Mlog with the refurbishment of three storage and retrieval machines...

nobilia: Efficient and secure retrieval of kitchen front components

Replacement of picking system by Kardex Mlog: With the complete replacement of the picking devices...

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