MTower – Pallet Picking Store

Automated System featuring Integral Transfer Beam

The MTower offers an economical option for compact, yet high-volume storage without compromising on reliability and performance.

The MTower pallet store with its integrated transfer beam is rapid and efficient. The system's dynamic design increases throughout by up to 20 % compared to conventional storage and retrieval machine concepts. The idea is based on a shuttle car mounted on a vertically guided transfer beam, providing a particularly high level of flexibility.

MTower – Pallet Picking Store

MTower – Pallet Picking Store



Carrying capacity
max. 1,000 kg
Length x width
12.0 m x 7.5 m
Construction height
max. 25 m
Storage capacity
up to 500 pallets/stillages
Throughput capacity
up to 50 double cycles/h
Load handling device
Telescopic fork, single or double deep
Horizontal speed
up to 180 m/min
Vertical speed
up to 60 m/min

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