MCompact – Mobile Racking System

Automated System for Pallet Storage and Retrieval

The MCompact is a standardised compact storage system that can be expanded in a modular fashion. The basic version consists of a fully automated storage and retrieval machine, a mobile racking system and a complete control system with integrated stock management.


The turnkey MCompact modular pallet storage system features a small footprint that requires approximately 40% less floor space than a conventional fork-lift-truck operation. It is suitable for small and medium storage volumes and can be integrated into existing buildings. It even operates under challenging environmental conditions such as the storage of hazardous substances or frozen food.

MCompact – Turnkey Racking System

MCompact - Mobile Racking System



Overall height: up to 9 m (7.5 m top of load unit)
Payload: max. 1,000 kg
Length x width: 40 m x 13.5 m
Storage capacity: approx. 1,340 Euro pallets
Handling capacity: up to 25 double cycles/hour
Crane travel speed: up to 80 m/min
Trolley travel speed: up to 30 m/min
Lifting speed: up to 45 m/min
Load handling device: Fork arms

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