MDynamic – Container Storage

The modular system for the handling of containers

Container Storage - MDynamic

The MDynamic system solution is a standardised and modular system designed for the handling of containers. It consists of the components storage and retrieval machine, conveyor system, racking and warehouse management system. The storage and retrieval machine with freely selectable overall heights between 5 m and 12 m is equipped with telescopic forks and belt conveyor. It achieves top speeds of 6 m/s at accelerations of up to 3 m/s2. This means that up to 135 double cycles per hour can be achieved, depending on the dimension of the overall system. The conveyor system consists of a picking module with a picking station. Up to two modules can be connected to the side of the racking.


MDynamik Detail

They can be integrated in the racking in any desired position without any structural modification. The racking is designed for single deep storage of containers of up to 100 kg and is available in variable sizes – height up to 12  m, length up to 90 m. A storage capacity of up to 16,000 containers is possible depending on the size of the warehouse and height of the containers. The material flow control and warehouse management system is user-friendly and easy to operate. Even in the basic configuration, it offers all the functionalities of a professional warehouse management system. The software can be expanded to include options such as inventories, batch tracing and serial number management, depending on requirements.


Technical data

Overall height: up to 12 m
Payload: max. 50 kg
Length: up to 90 m
Storage capacity: up to 16,000 containers
Handling capacity: up to 135 double cycles/hour
Travel speed: 360 m/min
Lifting speed: 180 m/min
Load carriers: Containers 600 x 400 mm or 640 x 440 mm, heights up to 420 mm
Conveyor system: Picking module (max. 4)

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MDynamic - Picking Module
The modular system for the handling of containers

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